Thursday, 2 September 2010

Here at last

I have been deliberating for quite a long while now about starting a blog, months probably years in fact, and more so since the birth of my first son.

Ever since I held him in my arms seconds after he was born and I felt him take his first breath and my soul filled with undescribable joy I knew my life had changed forever.
I was witnessing the rise of a new dawn in my life. Life's meaning took a new turn and everything else in my life that I considered important shifted one notch lower to make way to the most important thing in my life, my son.

Looking back now seven years have passed. He has started in his new school today. The joy in his face this morning when he woke up and unusually not grumpy and sleepy, all rearing to get ready to go to school and attend the new environment made me think that I do not want another seven years to pass by without me starting to leave a legacy of expressed feelings written down so that one day he could read and follow my sentiments moment by moment for the next few years of his life.

Life took another turn still three years ago when my second son Irfaan was born. That was the culmination of my joy and happiness. Having experienced the magical moment when my first son Amin was born I would have thought that the birth of Irfaan would have missed the meaning of uniqueness of the moment due to the familiarity of the feeling already had with Amin's birth. But far from it. I wept and shed tears just like the first time when Amin was born and I first felt him in my arms.

So today I have decided to dig in and start jolting down thoughts, feelings and moments that among the years I have gone through and perhaps even go deeper and dig further back and let resurface moments that might perhaps shed light on what lies beneath the reasons why what and who I am today.

But for today this will suffice. This is a joyous moment for me and I would like to share some of the images I capture though time. Some are of my special ones. Others are simply what nature provides me with and enhances my life around. I try to teach my boys to appreciate the nature and learn through it. Beauty resides amongst the smallest of things in and around us and if you take time and care to look further and deeper you will be amazed at the wonderful things that in our day to day life we pass through without noticing.


  1. How incredibly sweet. If all you ever post is this...your boys will know how much they are loved.

  2. So very sweet. Your boys know just how much they are loved. You always do your best you can for them.